Air Freight

FOURWAYS LOGISTICS has been helping companies of every size do business more easily and profitably

Our computer network monitors every shipment from pick-up through delivery, providing you with the vital information you need. The reasons we can assure you hassle-free service are obvious:

* Customized logistic solutions for just-in-time delivery to control your product flow.

* No restrictions of Commodity, Weight or Size. (subject to maximum loadable limits of the aircraft).

* Have fixed space allotments on various airlines ensuring priority handling and confirmed uplift on booked flights.

* Choice of numerous airline flights worldwide, with unlimited options of pick-up/delivery schedules.

* Consolidation Service for Export as well as Import shipments, according to your requirements.

* Thorough knowledge of import and export procedures and practices, including customs clearance of shipments, regulations, licenses, documentation and payment practices.